Executive Summary
The State of Sound report compiles key findings from extensive audio research with consumers across the world. The 2022 study had 6,000 smartphone users as participants, examining the factors that influence audio device purchases, as well as interest in present and potential usage scenarios. The report is intended to make it easier to understand the qualities that consumers seek in earbuds, headphones, speakers,and other audio equipment. The focus of this year’s research is on the growth of the true wireless earbud category, growing interest in spatial audio, and the continued importance of lossless and high resolution audio quality.

Sound has never been more important. Many consumers today make extensive use of their audio devices throughout the day, from commuting, to watching videos, playing games, working remotely, and listening to music. Globally, the most in demand personal electronic devices are smartphones, smart speakers, and true wireless earbuds.
As smartphone capabilities continue to become richer, consumers are increasingly looking for advanced features in their audio devices, such as lossless audio quality and spatial audio functionality.
Globally, there is now a shift to a hybrid working model as we see restrictions ease postpandemic.
Our research has found that these shifts may be happening more slowly than expected, but are still having a notable impact on audio device use for commuting and workrelated
Active noise cancellation remains the highestranked rich audio feature,joined by lossless audio as a heavily desired feature, with audio savvy listeners demanding higher quality audio year on year.
Gaming has also accelerated in popularity, providing an opportunity for manufacturers to add new features such as voice back channelling,lower latency and other gaming related benefits in next gen audio products.

Alongside results of the survey, SAR has used its vast amount of research to qualify trends that are seen in the market. This largely comes from the following service topics:

• TWS Audio & UI Technologies

• Headphones & Headsets

• Home AV Equipment

• Audio software and IP

Key findings
Listeners are more driven by audio quality than ever.
58% of respondents are seeking either high resolution or lossless audio quality.
Spatial Audio is the next “musthave” feature
More than half of respondents claimed spatial audio will have an influence on their decision to buy their next pair of true wireless earbuds, and 41% said they would be willing to spend more for the feature.
True wireless earbuds are becoming integral to mobile
gaming Gamers are using true wireless earbuds for an average of ~2 hours a day to play on their smartphones.
Battery life is still a key driver for speakers
Battery life is the #1 purchase driver for wireless speakers, with long battery life now expected as standard for true wireless earbuds and headphones.
Consumers are ready for Bluetooth® LE Audio
A third of respondents want LE Audio features such as Broadcast audio in their next devices, as the market gets ready for the launch of the first devices with this
new technology.
The evolution of audio for hybrid working.
As global working habits evolve, respondents expect a change in the way their audio devices are used for work,with 20% expecting to work more from the office in the next 12 months.



  (*All percentages, consumer behaviors and attitudes stated in this report are based only on the responses of the individuals who participated in our survey)

All percentages, consumer behaviors and attitudes stated in this report are based only on the responses of the individuals who participated in our survey. 
This year’s report has been coauthored with SAR Insight & Consulting, the audio technology industry analysts.

Research methodology
Locations United States, United Kingdom, Germany,China, India and Japan
Demographic Smartphone users aged 18~64 years
Sample size 1,000 per country
Research conducted July 2022


uracast —Broadcast audio

Overview of connected audio

Bluetooth LE Audio grows

Today’s widespread use of wireless audio devices and the high demand for innovation

The most common uses for true wireless earbuds

The advanced features driving true wireless earbuds forward

Trending scenarios for sound

active noise cancellation (ANC)

Evolving working patterns are driving behavior shifts

Significance of battery life for consumers

Spatial Audio

Sound quality improvement features that mattermost

Consumers make decisions based on their knowledge of high quality audio

Consumer sentiment toward audio use: Which of these statements do you agree with?

Hot topics for speakers: increased battery life, better sound quality and price

Demand for richer features is increasing for audio devices over $50

True wireless earbud and wireless headphone purchase drivers

The importance of audio to games - TWS buetooth earbuds