Monday, 16 November 2020 11:47

What Is A Spectrum Analyzer?

This application note explains the fundamentals of swept-tuned, superheterodyne spectrum analyzers and discusses the latest advances in spectrum analyzer capabilities.
Wednesday, 23 September 2020 22:20

Bluetooth Generic Attributes

Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) is built on top of the Attribute Protocol (ATT) and establishes common operations and a framework for the data transported and stored by the Attribute Protocol.  For more information on GATT, please refer to Volume 0, Section 6 of the Bluetooth® Core Specification.
Saturday, 19 September 2020 11:27

What's new with Bluetooth 5

Double the speed,Four times the range,Eight times the broadcasting capacity

High speed mode

  • 2x data throughput
  • Faster over-the-air downloads
  • Reduce battery consumption

Long range mode

  • 4x the range with coded PHY rates of 125 kbps
  • Same TX and RX current consumption
  • Whole-house coverage

Advertising extension

  • Reduce load on advertising channels
  • Initiate long-range connections