AC781x Automotive Microcontroller

The AC781x product serials is  MCU of automotive grade, complies with the AEC-Q100 specification, and is suitable for automotive electronics and high reliability industrial applications.Typical applications cover BCM, T-BOX, BLDC motor control, industrial control, AC charging piles, etc.
The AC781x device family is based on ARM Cortex®-M3 core, running up to 100MHz,up to 256KB Flash memory,supply voltage ranges from 2.7 to 5.5V, excellent EMC/ESD capability to be suit for harsher environment.
- ARM Cortex®-M3 core,100MHz, single cycle 32x32 multiplier
- Support up to 256KB embedded Flash memory
- Support up to 64KB RAM
- Support 2*CAN 2.0B
- Support 1*LIN 2.1, 1*URAT LIN
- Support 2*SPI
- Support up to 6*UART
- Support 2*I2C
- 2.7-5.5V power supply
- Temperature range: -40 to 125 °C

CSR8635/CSR8615 Class2 Stereo ROM Module Electrical characteristic

General Electrical Specification

Absolute Maximum Ratings:  

Ratings  Min.  Max. 
Storage Temperature  -40 +85
Supply Voltage (VCHG)  -0.4V  5.75V 
Supply Voltage (VREG_ENABLE,VBAT_SENSE)  -0.4V  4.2V 
Supply Voltage (LED[2:0])  -0.4V  4.4V 
Supply Voltage (PIO_POWER)  -0.4V  3.6V 

Recommended Operating Condition:

Operating Temperature range  -20 +75
Supply Voltage (VBAT)  2.7V  4.25V 
Supply Voltage (VCHG)  4.75V / 3.10 V  5.25V 
Supply Voltage (VREG_ENABLE,VBAT_SENSE)  0V  4.2V 
Supply Voltage (LED[2:0])  1.10V  4.25V 
Supply Voltage (PIO_POWER)*  1.7V  3.6V

1.8V Switch-mode Regulator :