SparkLink Alliance is an industrial alliance committed to promote next-generation wireless short-range communication technology innovation and industry ecosystem, and support applications in smart cars, smart homes, smart terminals, and smart manufacturing with extreme performance requirements.


Scope of Work


Develop standards, with the collaboration with relevant SDOs

Test Certification

Certify testing, authorize technologies and trademarks, and provide other related services

Strategy Development

Study industrial development strategies, etc

Ecosystem Construction

Leverage the industry's upstream and downstream resources to promote the commercial use of innovative technologies and standards developed by the Alliance, thereby building a prosperous ecosystem

Application Demonstration

Cooperate with industry partners to develop and demonstrate applications based on the Alliance's technical achievements

External Cooperation

Seek cooperation with external organizations to globalize the industry and standards

Information Exchange

Facilitate information exchange and cooperation among members of the alliance


SparkLink Alliance group

Committee of Experts



Full name of unit



Wu Hequan


Chinese Academy of Engineering Academician

Deputy Director

Wei Ran

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

Director, The Tyndall Laboratory

Deputy Director


China Automotive Technology Research Center Co.

Vice President, Internet of Things Research Center

Deputy Director

Liu Xiangang

China Electronic Technology Standardization Institute

Director of Technology Development Department, Director of Information Security Research Center

· Committee Member

Wang Yan

China National Institute of Standardization

Deputy Director(Chair)

Committee Member

Wang Junfeng

National Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center

National Radio Monitoring Center Testing Center

Committee Member

Liu Wei

China Mobile

Deputy Director of Institute of Internet of Things and Director of Telematics Center, The Institute

Committee Member

Yin Ying

Beijing Automotive Group Co.

Director of New Technology Research Institute, BAIC Research General Institute

Committee Member

Ding Luning



Committee Member

Gao Yongqiang

Huawei Technologies Co.

Standards Director of Department of Policy and Standards & Patents, Smart Car Solutions BU

Committee Member

Huang Ying

Lenovo (Beijing) Co.

Vice President

Committee Member

Li Hui

TCL Technology Group

Senior Software Architect

Committee Member

Qin Fei

Vivo Mobile Communications Ltd.

Director, The Communications Research Institute

Committee Member

Chen Canfeng

Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co.

Smart Home Expert

Committee Member

Liu Zushen

China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd

Expert Member, Chief Scientist, CEC

Committee Member

Chen Tao

MediaTek (Beijing) Ltd.

Senior Manager

Committee Member

Pan Zhengang

Tsinghua Unigroup

Vice President, Deputy Director, Advanced Communications Laboratory, Central Academy

Committee Member

Fang Jiayi

The Research Institute of Telecommunications Technology Co., Ltd

Senior Technical Manager

Committee Member

Lou Man


Senior Hardware Design Manager

Committee Member

Xu Ling


Director of Wireless Standards

Committee Member

Ju Wenjun

Qingdao Haier Technology Co.

Senior Engineer

Committee Member

Xiao Jianhong



Committee Member

Wang Donghui

Ronglian Group


Committee Member

Shi Jinglin

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Director of Wireless Center

Committee Member

Wen Fuxi

Tsinghua University

Research Associate

Committee Member

Fei Zesong

Beijing Institute of Technology

Professor and PhD , School of Information and Electronics
Deputy Director of Key Subject Laboratory, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology