• Platforms: Android, Cypress
  • License: GNU General Public License, version 3 or later (GPL3+)

About the project

A simple solution for Home Garden with Cypress BLE's Mesh Technology.


Items used in this project

Hardware components

CMOS Analogue Switches
Servo - Generic (Sub-Micro Size)
Water Pump (12v , MAX 3A)
SSR Relays
CYW20819 BLE Mesh 5.0 Kit (Cypress Bluetooth Mesh Development Kit)

Software apps and online services

Mesh Controller Android App (Modified version)
Twilio (Messaging API)

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Hand Driller , Soldering Iron


When someone says IoT ,  The 1st thought would be  "Home Automation"  mostly, even for me. We knows BLE mesh going to be better for IoT. After looking at the cypress boards and features , i decided that its good for garden lights and water irrigation, where you need some one to takecare of all , when your out of station.My idea got selected.

I received the BLE kits a month  back and made a video of unboxing demo , its here

Slowly getting into the development , started working on basic mesh demo and modifying stuffs according to my application. I had some of my own pcb's for controlling lights and DC motors so i interfaced to BLE Mesh kits. The only thing the debug options for board is not friendly. But still the performance of Modus  Toolbox is awesome.

And finally all my applications are works as expected ,

Total 4 boards i have used with below applications :

1. LIGHT control with PIR and Light Sense

2. Irrigation for  Plants

3. Door security and control

4. Remote control with CAR Keys.

(1) and (2) are sight forward , I used Ambient sensors and PIR Sensing values to provide intelligent on controlling lights , The light can turn ON/OFF from mesh controller app. PIR mode will be active only if the lights is OFF. Which means if the light is turned ON by PIR sense mode , after a timeout it will go OFF automatically. 

(2) I used 12v DC pump which is good to showcase irrigation for small pot plants. with the help of Analog switches i able to control this pump.

(3) To showcase the door access demo, i had to use the setup which uses servo motor to open and close. I created PWM signals and control over through the mesh network.

(4) Just a remote , to control the anyof above applications , the concept is, in future all car keys will have BLE's so once you reached your house near. The Car key will connect to the home mesh network and you can control entry gate, garage doors or mail boxs etc.

Android App:

In android app side , i could not do much changes due to time limitation and code complexity , I changed colors and some icons.

Important thing is i added internet facility to the mesh app, through that we can send whats-app notification to the  our mobile with the help of twilio interface.

So finally i achieved what i thought a month before. The Cypress community members are very supportive and helpful.

Schematics and circuit diagrams


Add on boards


Schematic Blocks

Overview and PIN details



Main APP3



Main APP1 & 2

For Light & Pump! Only changes and rest are same from mesh demos