(Tiktok/live broadcast/short video/recording only

Plug and play 20 meters barrier-free reception AI environment noise reduction

Sound quality is clear, high sensitivity and widely compatible

Accurate radio DPS reverb 20 hours long endurance

Active scene recognition

True noise cancelling wireless microphone

Newly upgraded high sensitivity capacitor microphone

With the new noise reduction chip solution

Record every detail of sound, high fidelity.

Deep restore high quality original sound

Using digital processing technology to restore the most authentic sound

Broadcast quality makes sound quality even better

Portable charging bin design

Convenient and portable

Charging bin both storage and portable, convenient for you anytime and anywhere

Live streaming is convenient and quick

New Wireless technology

Bring a new experience

Built-in professional chip intelligent active noise reduction chip,

Strong anti-interference ability, effective acoustic identification,

Can still record clearly in noisy environment.

Built-in DSP active noise reduction technology

DSP chip can directly optimize the signal from input to output.

To minimize the latency of a live broadcast,

The audio effect is good enough for direct use with less noise.

One second automatic link plug and play

No complex setup. Automatic pairing plug and play

Small volume and large capacity

Built-in 80mah battery: can work continuously for more than 20 hours

360 HD surround pickup

High sensitivity capacitance meter

360 full ten thousand without corner radio. Before and after the left stone sound fine

Record every sound detail clearly

Twenty meters is not the limit

Ultra-long distance transmission frequency

Built-in optimized antenna design

A steady signal can also be maintained from a long distance

Compatible with all kinds of equipment

Suitable for all kinds of devices live online