Software engineer (headset -MCU charging case)

Software engineer (headset - audio module)

SPM (Headphone-software project Manager)

senior electronic engineer (TWS headset)

Radio frequency antenna engineer (TWS headset)

acoustic engineer (TWS headset)

PCB LAYOUT engineer (TWS headset)

Resource Development Minister (TWS headset/wearable)

 First: Software engineer (headset -MCU charging case) 15-30K*13 salary
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, have a certain electronic foundation, can read circuit diagram; At least 3 years experience;
2. Familiar with 51 microcontroller and Cotex M0 chip architecture, experienced in MCU software development of STM, BADA, Xinhai, Xintang, Zhongwei, etc.;
3. Familiar with UART\IIC\SPI and other basic communication protocols, familiar with RTOS real-time operating system, have practical experience in RTOS transplantation;
4. Have experience in RAM/ROM resource optimization, and have assembly ability to gain points.

Second: Software engineer (headset - audio module) 20-30K*13 salary
1. Bachelor degree or above, have certain electronic foundation, can read circuit diagram, more than 3 years experience;
2. Familiar with Bluetooth protocol, have in-depth understanding of core spec and profile, familiar with Bluetooth audio link, have practical experience in solving Bluetooth audio problems such as noise, stuck, silent, POP, bottom noise and other systematic analysis methods;
3. Be familiar with the development of at least one Bluetooth chip of QCC, Wuqi and BES, and have experience in mass production projects of actual brand customers;
4. Familiar with ANC/ENC/EQ/ wind noise resistance/fit degree/anti-whistling acoustic debugging.

Third: SPM (Headphone-software project Manager) 15-30K*13 salary

Job responsibility
1. Ensure the realization of project objectives, and lead the project team to complete all work on time and with high quality;
2. Communicate with customers to understand the overall needs of the project. And maintain a certain contact with customers, immediate feedback stage results, and immediate change of the reasonable needs of customers;
3. Developed project development plan documents, quantified tasks, and reasonably assigned them to corresponding personnel;
4. Tracked the progress of the project and coordinated the cooperation among the project team members;
5. Supervise the production of documents at all stages of project progress, and communicate with QA in real time to ensure the completeness and standardization of documents;
6. In the process of development, the project manager needs to understand the needs of the customer. In the case of unable to judge the impact of the new needs on the project, the project manager needs to discuss with the project team members, and finally decide whether to accept the customer's needs, and then negotiate with the customer. When the requirement is determined to be changed, it is necessary to produce the requirement change document, change the development plan, and notify QA;
7. After the project is submitted for testing, the project manager needs to know the test results and modify the development plan according to the severity of the tested bugs;
8. Report all project information such as project progress and demand changes to the superior;
9. When the project is completed, it is necessary to summarize the project and produce the project summary document.

Job requirements
1, Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, computer, automatic control, computer related bachelor degree or above, more than three years of software related work experience, more than two years of project management experience;
2, proficient in assembly, C/C++ language, has rich experience in MCU,DSP, embedded system development;
3, familiar with Bluetooth standard specifications and underlying communication protocols, have CSR (Flash/ROM), ISSC, AIROHA, TI, Nordic, or domestic series SOC development experience;
4, open-minded, strong sense of responsibility, good at communication and expression, can actively cooperate with the completion of work.

Fourth: senior electronic engineer (TWS headset) 25-30K*13 salary

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the hardware design and development of the company's headset products;
2. Participate in the feasibility assessment of electronic solutions and the selection of electronic devices in the early stage of the project;
3. Responsible for the hardware debugging of functional prototypes and the formulation of various test parameters;
4. Responsible for organizing and exporting technical documents related to electronics in the project;
5. Have the ability to analyze and solve hardware anomalies to ensure project progress.

Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in applied electronic information engineering;
2, more than 5 years of Bluetooth headset R & D, design, production and project execution experience;
3, familiar with the hardware design of Bluetooth headset new products, independently complete the schematic, PCB design, debugging and other work, familiar with debugging sound quality; Have current sound, bottom noise, RF, ESD and other difficult problems leading experience;
4, proficient in all kinds of Bluetooth chips, familiar with Bluetooth product testing standards and certification standards, hands-on ability;
5. Familiar with hardware development principle and development process, able to complete new product development project tasks in time, with good communication and team cooperation skills.

Fifth: Radio frequency antenna engineer (TWS headset) 20-30K*13 salary

Job responsibilities:
1, Participate in TWS headset RF and antenna performance evaluation, guide stacking;
2. Follow up antenna performance debugging and match project progress;
3, understand the BT RF standard, according to product requirements debugging performance;
4, familiar with PC, BT protocol, can assist software, manufacturing analysis problems;

Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above in electronics, communication, electromagnetic microwave;
2, familiar with antenna communication, electromagnetic field and other basic circuit knowledge; Familiar with antenna test indicators, test methods and common instruments;
3, skilled use of EDA simulation software, such as ADS, HFSS, ANSYS, CST, etc.
4, more than 3 years of wireless product antenna development and debugging work experience, Bluetooth development experience preferred, have simulation experience preferred;
5, have a sense of team work, strong sense of responsibility, can undertake stressful work.

Sixth: acoustic engineer (TWS headset) 20-30K*13 salary

Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the acoustic design of the headset system and the selection of acoustic devices to ensure the realization of the target acoustic performance;
2. Provide reasonable suggestions on electronic and structural design according to acoustic requirements to ensure product performance;
3. Cooperate with software engineers to debug ANC, Bluetooth /TWS and products with other DSP functions by using corresponding platform tools;
4. Follow up the product, complete the acoustic check from prototype, trial production to production, and improve the acoustic problems;
5. Developed test plans for laboratory and production line, and released production line tests;
6. Develop and confirm various acoustic related technical documents.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electroacoustics, physics, electronics;
2. Engaged in headset acoustic system design for more than 8 years of work experience, and have a deep understanding of speakers and microphones;
3. Have a deep understanding of electronic structure, familiar with commonly used ANC, Bluetooth and other DSP processing chips and their debugging tools, proficient in the impact of structural design on acoustics;
4. Use B&K,SOUNDCHECK,AP and other acoustic tests for energy clinker, and have a deep understanding of its test principle and headset test requirements;
5. Familiar with acoustic simulation tools;
6. Good English reading and writing ability.

Seventh: PCB LAYOUT engineer (TWS headset) 20-30K*13 salary

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in electronics/computer/communication, more than 3 years of relevant experience;
2. Familiar with the process specification of PCB Layout and the process of PCB multi-layer board making;
3. Proficient in PCB design software, with more than 4 layers of PCB Layout experience;
4. Proficient in light drawing software, making Gerber documents, SMT production documents, and engineering confirmation with PCB board factory;
5. Master the schematic diagram and PCB packaging library, will output 3D, Gerber, BOM, coordinate files and other data;
6. Proficient in component layout, wiring and stacking specifications, cooperate with hardware and structural engineers to complete PCB layout stacking and evaluation;
7. Experience in EMC/EMI/ESD processing, design of Bluetooth headset and HDI board above 8 layers is preferred.

Eighth: Resource Development Minister (TWS headset/wearable) 20-30K*13 salary

【 Job Content 】
1. Manage suppliers, establish a sound supplier management system, formulate supplier development and approval procedures, and control procurement, quality and development costs;
2. According to the company's development strategy, improve the procurement department management system and management system establishment, improve the operation experience;
3. Responsible for supervising the delivery of purchased materials, supervising the quality of incoming materials, and coordinating the management process of material suppliers;
4. Responsible for establishing and maintaining procurement channels for emergency materials to ensure production and supply;
5. Make overall planning for the work of the procurement team, reasonably control the purchase price of goods, and implement the goal of cost down;
6. Trained new people and managed the procurement team well.

[Job requirements] Priority Huaqin, Longqi, Wentai three companies front-end resource development background
1, Bachelor degree, with Bluetooth headset /tws wireless headset /VR glasses industry procurement supervisor/procurement manager more than three years of practical work experience (non-headset /VR glasses industry);
2. Clear mind, careful logic, whole process management from material planning to work order clearing and closing, control ability;
3, sensitive to figures, sensitive to cost, able to evaluate the purchase value from the perspective of the industrial chain;
4, have strong negotiation ability, familiar with ERP system operation.

Nineth. Deputy Director of R&D (resident in Ji 'an, Jiangxi) 30-40K*13 salary

Job responsibilities:
1, according to the company's development strategy, formulate the company's medium-term research and development plan, grasp the industry technology development direction, determine the company's product framework and development and implementation plan;
2, control the progress of product development, adjust the plan according to the actual situation;
3, according to the company's specific project implementation, control the change of project requirements, support the smooth implementation of the project;
4, guide and supervise the R & D department to implement the company's R & D strategy and annual R & D plan;
5. Improve the development process, standardization construction, preparation, sorting and management of various internal catalog documents;
6. Manage the company's overall core technology, organize the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and technical programs.

Job Requirements:

1, Bachelor degree or above, electronics, communication, acoustics, software, computer and other related majors, can be accepted to live in Jiangxi Ji 'an;
2, understand the technical specifications and industry standards of Bluetooth headphones, and can be applied to the development of headphones, the structure of audio products, electronic principles can be familiar with understanding; Understand the tuning knowledge of audio products;
3, have the experience of the whole process of Bluetooth headset research and development, can solve various problems in the research and development process, have a keen recognition and perception of the current and future trend of Bluetooth headset technology development, can layout in advance, seize the market highland;
4. Familiar with electronic, acoustic, structural, software and RF debugging of major mainstream platforms;
5, international well-known brand Bluetooth headset, TWS headset, ANC noise-cancelling headset successful research and development cases are preferred 6, more than five years of research and development front-line work experience; At least 3 years experience in technical operation and team management.