2019 Microchip IoT

Featuring the ultra-versatile Microchip AVR-IoT WG Development Board which simplifies secure data transmissions to Google Cloud, we received loads of awesome project idea submissions. Each and every concept was spectacular, and real-world projects impressed us quite a bit. The stakes were pretty high, with the first prize as entry to the Microchip MASTERS 2019, second and third prizes consisting of robust hardware bundle featuring an Arduino Uno, Curiosity PIC32MZEF dev board, and tons of goodies. 

While we appreciate and love all entries, here are our winners! 

Mohamed Lanjri El Halimi snagged first prize with an impressive IoT industrial monitoring and control device. This IoT incubator is seriously cool, and could easily integrate into an industrial setting. 

Al Watt earned second prize with an ingenious domestic central heating radiator efficiency optimiser which truly wowed it. Capable of logging the input and output temperatures of a radiator, it’s a nifty DIY smart home device.

Finally, the always-ingenious Dane and Nicole (aka 8bitsandabyte) put their AVR-IoT WF Development Board to excellent use with the Pick-a-plant, a device for helping to select the best plant for your location. As such, Nicole and Dane snagged third prize. Check out these fantastic projects, and other superb Microchip projects. Stay tuned for more contests, tutorials, and news coverage here on bluetooth.com.cn!