• The company’s Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo solutions are pre-integrated across its i.MX RT MCU platform, allowing developers to create the optimal pairing of processing with connectivity
  • NXP combines its MCU and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth platform solutions within its MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK) to simplify and accelerate IoT product development
  • Connectivity modules and MCU development kits are available now through NXP’s extensive distribution network
  • Company introduces new 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 Dual Band + Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution that brings 1.2 Gbps performance, low power, and greater range to IoT markets.
  • Family of products deliver new levels of connectivity and power the world’s first Wi-Fi 6 enabled gaming consoles

RSL10 SIP 是将业界最低功耗的蓝牙低功耗技术用于无线应用的最简便方案。

RSL10 SIP 通过了蓝牙 5 认证,完全符合全球无线标准,采用了无需任何额外天线的设计,可显著缩短产品上市时间。

即用型 RSL10 SIP 将集成式天线、RSL10 无线电 SoC 和所有无源组件整合在一个微型封装内。

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Thursday, 22 October 2020 09:41


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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 09:10

2020 electronic design innovation conference

Written by Blue Star

October 13-14, 2020
Beijing, China - China National Convention Center

EDI CON CHINA 2020 celebrates electronic design innovation, bringing together RF, microwave, EMC/EMI, and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators for networking, training, and learning opportunities.
The BlueNRG-LP is an ultra-low power programmable Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless SoC solution. It embeds STMicroelectronics’s state-of-art 2.4 GHz RF radio IPs combining unparalleled performance with extremely long-battery lifetime. It is compliant with Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG core specification version 5.2 addressing point-to-point connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh networking and allows large-scale device networks to be established in a reliable way. The BlueNRG-LP is also suitable for 2.4 GHz proprietary radio wireless communication to address ultra-low latency applications.

The integration of Cypress is a major step for Infineon and a unique opportunity for our customers. Its product range is a perfect match. We will offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for linking the real with the digital world – comprising an unparalleled range of hardware, software and security solutions for the connected age.

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