ON Semiconductor RSL10 SIP:通过蓝牙 5 认证的系统级封装
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RSL10 SIP 是将业界最低功耗的蓝牙低功耗技术用于无线应用的最简便方案。

RSL10 SIP 通过了蓝牙 5 认证,完全符合全球无线标准,采用了无需任何额外天线的设计,可显著缩短产品上市时间。

即用型 RSL10 SIP 将集成式天线、RSL10 无线电 SoC 和所有无源组件整合在一个微型封装内。

The BlueNRG-LP is an ultra-low power programmable Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless SoC solution. It embeds STMicroelectronics’s state-of-art 2.4 GHz RF radio IPs combining unparalleled performance with extremely long-battery lifetime. It is compliant with Bluetooth® Low Energy SIG core specification version 5.2 addressing point-to-point connectivity and Bluetooth Mesh networking and allows large-scale device networks to be established in a reliable way. The BlueNRG-LP is also suitable for 2.4 GHz proprietary radio wireless communication to address ultra-low latency applications.
Renesas:IoT Sensor Board with Machine Learning & Bluetooth® Low Energy
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This is a reference design for a versatile Internet of Things (IoT) sensor board solution. It targets applications in industrial predictive maintenance, smart home/IoT appliances with gesture recognition, wearables (activity tracking), and mobile for innovative human machine interface, or HMI, (FingerSense) solutions. This reference design was developed with Renesas partner Qeexo, who provided their Automated Machine Learning platform (AutoML) for edge devices.
Connectivity overview
 Expanded portfolio of wireless connectivity devices across scalable memory and performance options.
Arm® Cortex® architecture
32kB to 352KB flash memory
20kB to 80kB SRAM with pin-to-pin compatibility
Across wireless connectivity protocols
Supporting a broad range of Bluetooth® Coded PHY, 2MB PHY, Extended advertising, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1,Locationing, Mesh, Multiprotocol
Quarterly SDK releases with latest Bluetooth Low Energy features
Scalable Scalablefeatures
Integrated sensor controller, precision ADC, PA, coexistence BAW resonator
• Power output: +5dBm
• -97dBm sensitivity
• Sofware configurable
Renesas Extends Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity to RA Family of 32-Bit MCUs with Arm Cortex-M Core
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Enhanced Security and Privacy for Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Connections Supported with Flexible Software Package and Comprehensive Arm Ecosystem.

Renesas Electronics Corporation  introduced the first RA microcontroller (MCU) with an integrated Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy radio on 07 May 2020. The single-chip RA4W1 MCU includes a 48 MHz, 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 core and Bluetooth 5.0 core delivered in a 56-pin QFN package. Together, the RA4W1 MCU and easy-to-use Flexible Software Package (FSP) enables engineers to immediately begin development with Arm ecosystem software and hardware building blocks that work out-of-the-box with RA MCUs.

The RA4W1 MCU makes it easy for embedded designers to develop safe and secure IoT endpoint devices for Industry 4.0, building automation, metering, healthcare, consumer wearable, and home appliance applications. The MCU is also ideal for developing IoT edge devices for wireless sensor networks, IoT hubs, an add-on to gateways, and an aggregator to IoT cloud applications.