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Private Service

1.common term used by a shopkeeper or clerk:
What can I do for you﹖
Can(May)I help you﹖
Is there anything I can do for you﹖
May(Can) I do something for you﹖
Are you all right there? 
(Do) you needany help?
Which shirt(pen, meal, one...) do you like ﹖
What size(color、kind ...)do you want﹖
How many do you want﹖
Do you like this size(color、kind ?)﹖
is (are) over there.
Is this(Are these) all right?
What about these(those)﹖
What else would you like ﹖
Would you like a bag? 
That ’s altogether ? pounds/dollars ?.
Are you paying in cash or by card?
How are you going to pay?
Do you needany cash back?
Thanks you for shopping at ?

2.Customer phrases:
I’m just looking. 
Can you show me?﹖
I would like(want) some?.
Have you got any?﹖
I'm looking for?.
Any suggestions?
How much is it (are they)﹖
How much do you ask for it(them) ﹖
What doesit come to﹖ 
That ’ s too much expensive.
It there any discount?
May I have a look at it(them) ﹖
Can/May I try it(them)on ﹖
Where is the fitting room?
I don‘t think this one will fit me/go with my skin.
What time do you open/close?
I'm looking for a gift for my friend.
Pleasewrap this for me.
OK. I ’tlal ke one of them please.
I'm just looking. This is a great response to "Can I help you find anything?" if you are not sure what you want to buy.
Where are your fitting rooms? Ask the salespersonthis question if you want to try on that outfit before you buy it. In the UK, though, you might want to ask for the changing rooms.
Does this come in other colors? Not everybody likes plain old black and white. Ask a salesperson this if you've found something you really like, but want it in a different color.
Do you have this in other sizes? You've found the perfect holiday outfit... if only they had your size! Ask this to a shop assistant, andhe or she may be able to locate one that's the perfect fit.
Do you have any of these in stock? You see it in the display, but you can't find it in the store!
Don't panic. Ask an assistant if there are any left in stock. Maybe there are some hiding in the storage room.
Can I put this on hold? Not sure if you've found the perfect gift? Just ask the sales assistants to "put it on hold", and they will put the item aside for you for one or two days. That way, it can't disappear as you continue your search.
I'd like a gift receipt for this. Upon your request, most stores provide a gift receipt, which does not list any prices. So, just in case your friend decides that gift of yours isn't so perfect after all, he or she can exchange or return it without a problem. But, if not, they'll never know how much you paid!
Can I get a price check for this? Can't find a price tag on the item you're looking at? Ask the cashier this question, and he or shewill check the price for you.
What's your return policy? Before you buy that gift, make sure you know whether or not it can be returned or exchanged by asking the cashierthis question.
Do you provide gift-wrapping? No time to wrap your gifts? No worries! Many stores provide gift wrapping services to their customers, especially during the busy holiday season.

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