Power Lift Gate (Power Tailgate) of car

power gate

1. Model: R&R-001
2. Rated Voltage: 10V/12V
3. Rated load: 3.2Kg.cm
4. pull in torque: 3.2Kg-cm min (300 pps Full-step)
5. pull out torque: 3.2kg-cm min (700 pps Full-step)
This product is customized for customer.

Quality Control

1. Life test: Continusous working as duty cycle to achieve life test requirement

2. Noise Test: Noise test at the 50cm distance or according to customer requirements

3. Salt Spray: Salt spray to prevent the products from rusting and corrision

4. Storage test: Beign test as the condition customer specified to test product stability

5. Production being test for environment protection

2017 sportage smart liftgate o


Smart Tailgate system is an electro-mechanical system that can open and close the tailgate automatically, by using local switch (overhead console switch, push button switch inside of the tailgate, and outside handle switch), and wireless remote key (FOB), or can halt the tailgate. The Smart Tailgate module (STGM) sends and receives the vehicle’s information via BCM, instrument panel, SJB and CAN communication, so that it can decide the opening/closing of the tailgate and self diagnosis.
There’s a safety function to reverse its direction, when an obstacle is detected during the operation. Also, a general key can be used for manual functioning when the power function cannot be performed due to battery discharge or loss of STG unit function, to unlock the tailgate latch lock mode to manually open and close.
Location and Direction of the Tailgate
STG system measures the location of the tailgate through the total hall sensor inside of the spindle unit motor.
Also, the direction of the tailgate can be confirmed through the spindle operation direction analysis.
The signal counting (location confirmation) of the hall sensor are both valid in power operation mode and general operation mode.
STG automatic operation mode can be changed to Manual operation mode by pressing Power On/Off switch located at the overhead console unit.


Smart Tailgate unit (STG unit)


STG unit is installed inside the righthand side luggage side trim in the back.
STG unit uses a driving motor and operates two spindles.
It also controls the object jamming prevention by analyzing sensors inside of the anti-pinch strip.
STG Latch Assembly


STG latch assembly consists of power latch(A) and power closing unit(B).
STG latch assembly is installed at the end of the tailgate and operates power lock/unlock mode under the STG unit control.
STG spindle


STG spindle controls the tailgate’s opening and closing using the torque of the motor inside.
Recognize the tailgate''s driving direction by sending motor''s revolving direction signal inside of spindle to STG unit.
Anti-pinch strip


APS is installed on the left and right side of the tailgate and detects jamming of an object during Smart Tailgate closing operation.
When jamming is detected, STG unit will immediately reverse tailgate to full open status.
Antipinch strip does not operate when tailgate is fully closed or fully open, is stationary or while opening.
Wireless transmitter


Tailgate will start the Power Opening function when the tailgate opening button on the wireless transmitter is pressed for more than 1.0 second.
If the button is pressed when the tailgate is opening or closing, the tailgate will move in reverse direction.
Overhead console switch


If the overhead console switch is pushed the tailgate will operate power opening function.
Smart Tailgate inside switch


If the switch inside of the tailgate is pushed, the tailgate will start the power closing function.
Smart Tailgate Buzzer


When an obstacle is detected or power function is not performed properly in accordance to the user''s order, the alarming buzzer will sound for 3 times.
And when power function is performed properly, the alarming buzzer will sound twice.
Operating Principle
Opening of the Smart Tailgate


Primary switch signal is sent to STGM via CAN communication. (sent by SJB)
STGM Opening Process
Opening will start after signals from driver''s console switch, tailgate handle switch, or wireless remote key(FOB) are received.
The latch motor will unlatched the tailgate by releasing the striker (via the SJB).
To open the tailgate, the STG module will activate the tailgate spindle motors.
The speed of the spindle motors is monitored via a hall sensor in the motor.
Opening angle of the tailgate will be calculated from the number of pulses of the hall sensor.
caution eng    
When the motor’s movement is restricted STGM will sense it as an obstacle and either reverse in opposite direction or halt the motor movement.
Smart Tailgate closing


STGM Closing Procedure:
Closing will start after signals from driver''s console switch, tailgate inside switch, or wireless remote key(FOB) are received.
To close the tailgate, the STGM will operate the Spindle motors.
The STGM monitors the Closing angle of the tailgate by counting the pulses from the hall sensors.
The tailgate latch is meshed with the striker, and the latch locks onto the striker. (latch unlock -> latch lock)
After the latch signal from the tailgate latch is received, STGM will stop the tailgate spindle motors operation.
After latching, the PCU will start the clinching process until the clinched signal is received.
The tailgate is fully closed, and the latch is fully locked.
Learning/Calculation/Program Location


Maximum Point for Opening
The movement of opening direction beyond this position will make the tailgate to reach the maximum basic position, and overload the mechanical system(hinge).
So, opening movement beyond this position is impossible.
But, if the movement started from lower position, the tailgate will move beyond this point.
Learned Mechanical End Position
Mechanical End Position is the mechanical limited position, and regarded as opened 100%.
In the process of the tailgate’s first opening, this position becomes Learning.
After the learning, the tailgate will not go beyond the maximum basic position that is defined as soft stop.
All of the positions will be defined by parameters that are designated by ECU.
Open maximum Programming (Garage Position)
After mechanical End Position is learned, the basic position defined by user will be regarded as same as the maximum basic position.
The user may shift the learned basic position to any position. (within the range between Maximum position For Closing and Maximum Basic Position)
If the user wishes to move the new basic position lower than the old basic position, he or she has to move the tailgate to the new position automatically or manually and push the internal switch of the tailgate for five seconds. (Time may differ in accordance with parameters.)
If the user wishes to set the tailgate position above the maximum basic position, ECU will set the basic position as the maximum basic position.
System Parameter
Before the normal operation is guaranteed, mechanical tolerance and adjustment at vehicle production line and the maximum movement range correction by Smart Tailgate assembling are required.
From the end point that is limited by mechanical binding when the tailgate is fully closed (latch locked), the maximum movement range of the tailgate in operation is expressed by the number of the hall pulse signal of spindle speed and location sensor that are sent by ECU.
Calibration Mode


Manual De-calibration Mode


System Initialization
System initialization is needed to recognize the closing position of the tailgate.
The initialization process after battery power is reset, is to find the maximum opening and closing position of the tailgate.
After the successful initialization, the tailgate’s opening and closing position have to be recognized to guarantee the general tailgate’s opening and closing.
Calibration Mode
(Refer to Smart Tailgate Module - "Description and Operation")
Manual De-Calibration Mode
(Refer to Smart Tailgate Module - "Description and Operation")
Buzzer Operation Mode
Operation Switch Input Buzzer Hazard Lamp * Comment
Tailgate Start Opening    Overhead Console SW 2 2  
Inner SW 2 2  
Outside Handle SW 2 2  
Smart / Remote Key 2 2  
Tailgate Start Closing Overhead Console SW 2 2  
Inner SW 2 2  
Outside Handle SW 2 2  
Smart / Remote Key 2 2  
Direct direction change
Close --> Open
Overhead Console SW 2 2  
Inner SW 2 2  
Outside Handle SW 2 2  
Smart / Remote Key 2 2  
Garage Position saved INR SW 2 -- Buzzer confirms "new garage position" saved
Obstacle detection
(reverse operation start)
  3 --  
Smart Tailgate Single Blinking 1 --  
Double Blinking 2
During Calibration Run Continuous On/Off beep -- -- Activate buzzer but no Hazard
System Error -- 3 -- PCU/Tailgate antiplay active, Over/Under voltage condition, End position/position error, spindle error, CAN error, switch press while Latch closed when Tailgate open
Tailgate not closed -- 10 10 Latch Lock switch not present
Max. End Position learned -- -- 2 Hazard confirms "learning finished"
Max. End Position deleted -- 1 -- Buzzer confirms "position deleted"
Car moving with open Tailgate   10 --  



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