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Z_LASER 3D Laser projector LP-HFD Featured

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The LP-HFD is a laser projector with a red or a green laser beam that is optimized for projecting on 3D objects. A high repetition rate of 50Hz provides for a stable and precise projection. Additionally covering large working areas is ensured with a wide optical angle.

Laser projector LP HFD


Fast and stable projection with high repetition rate (50Hz)
Optimised for 3D objects
Highest accuracy of projection
Wide optical angle (80° x 80°) allows bigger working sites
Optional extendable air cooling
Multi-projection system for huge and complex projections
Serial or ethernet data communication


Working range (in mm) in relationship to the mounting height:

1,000 -> 1,562
2,000 -> 3,125
3,000 -> 4,687
4,000 -> 6,250
5,000 -> 7,812
6,000 -> 9,375
7,000 -> 10,938
8,000 -> 12,500
9,000 -> 14,063
These distances (in mm) from the projector to the top edge of the material are calculated at an optical angle of 76°.


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